obsession is just another word for addiction. when you’re addicted to the girl you love, your thoughts are comprised of her. She’s the first thought you have when you wake up and the last thought before you go to sleep. You may even dream of her. You think about her throughout the day. some days in more regular frequency than others. You wonder what she’s doing, how she’s doing, even though you know exactly the answer. but still.

Every time you experience something new (try a new dish, find a great new coffee place, participate in a fun activity) your thoughts immediately go to the idea of the two of you sharing that experience.

Every time something makes you happy, makes you laugh, makes you smile, she immediately pops into your head because you can’t help but to be reminded of her every time you’re happy.

When you’re addicted to the girl you love, your life revolves around her. You spend so much time missing her when she’s gone, it almost seems inefficient to spend time away from each other. Your everyday schedule, your plans and your life plans revolve around her. Everything you wish your future to be is centered around the fact that the two of you will be spending your lives together.

When you’re addicted to the girl you love, you worry too much. Worry, jealousy, anger, sadness, desperation… love brings with it a wonderful palette of emotions, which vary from utter bliss to complete hell. You usually have decent control of your emotions, but every once in a while… they get the better of you. a simple word of appreciation for another person makes you jealous and you automatically hate that person. insecurity? every time she’s late or is simply unreachable, you think of the worst possible scenarios (she’s hurt, something bad has happened etc etc.). it’s silly but you can’t help it.

When you’re addicted to the girl you love, she’s more important, More important than everything, than you yourself, than your friends, than your career goals, than everything else in your life. One moment, you’re your own person, living your own life, having your own dreams, and then the next you believe the life of the girl you love to be more important than your own.

All this may sounds like a lose/lose situation, but, in reality, it’s a win/win. What’s that saying? “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

– E


6 thoughts on “Obsession

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    Aankhen khuli ho ya ho band Deedar unka hota hai Kaise kahoon main o yaara yeh pyaar kaise hota hai
    Kisi ki yaadon mein khoye hue khwaabon ko humne sajaaliya
    Kaun jaane koi humsafar kab kaise kahan mile
    Jo naam dil pe ho likha Ikraar issi se hota hai

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