Petition to put Parvez Musharraf on trial for treason.

Text of Petition:


“We Pakistanis demand from

  • Government of Pakistan
  • Chief Justice Supreme Court Pakistan
  • Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif

To take action against the former Chief of Army Staff / President Pervez Musharraf who supported Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) even after army operations carried out against it, in which our brave Army/Rangers/Police laid their lives to restore peace in Karachi, Pakistan. But Parvez Musharraf withdrew cases against this political party and allowed them a freehand to kill the innocent people of Pakistan, working in collusion with RAW (Indian Intelligence Agency). Because of Musharraf’s biased criminal support, MQM, under his aegis, killed most of the police men who had taken part in Karachi operations. Thousands of people have been losing their lives in Karachi since 90s and thousands migrated/shifted to other areas and deserted Karachi because of the terrorism spearheaded by MQM. Musharraf extended them help to regain power after 1992 and 1997 military operations. Doing this, he not only violated law but also ridiculed and rendered useless the offerings of our army men. People of Karachi are living their lives as being taken hostage since Musharraf offered his full support to MQM (2002).

In 1992, military started actions against MQM after learning about their anti-state & criminal activities for destabilizing the country but due to military-political differences, operation was stopped but it makes evident a major threat to the state from MQM’s military wings.

In 1997, an apolitical COAS Asif Nawaz again resumed operations after he came to know about their links with Indian intelligence agency, RAW, and started operation cleanup but Musharraf, right after assuming power, granted bails to the criminals/withdrew anti-state cases against MQM and made the  evidences disappear against MQM. We want same law for everyone, same law for weak and the powerful. Nobody is above the law and only rule of law can ensure justice in the country. Until today, we have been practising ‘might is right’ and ‘big fish eats small fish’ type doctrines, we want to have strong justice system etc. to protect rights of weak/power less people, gender and minorities etc.

The main reason for us to file this petition is to hold a dictator accountable and to make him answerable so that a dictator gets punished and no future general dares to do the same. Through this petition, we want to prove that law is equal for everyone and the mighty are as much answerable to the law as the weaker ones.

The prime objective of filing this petition is to prove him guilty and get him punished since he not only supported them but gave them positions in government and a free hand in Karachi despite knowing that MQM is funded by Indian intelligence agencies. The Former PM Benazir Bhutto had also said it many times in her government that MQM was being funded by Indian agencies & its people are getting training from there. The recent BBC documentary, Tariq Mir’s revelations & other stories proved this all.”

Kindly visit this link ( & sign for this petition & share with your family/friends.


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